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The Hollywood Film Office of Michigan is fully motivated to embrace an independent spirit of services that are perfectly balanced and consumed, with no waste - providing the very last price. HFO of Michigan works with filmmakers to achieve a common goal; to enhance the economic climate in Michigan by helping and vitalizing the Michigan film industry. This objective directly enhances our collective ability to produce well-crafted and well received films that will make bofo.
Budgets are prepared and proffered full disclosure, we’re uniquely able to afford HFO of Michigan services customized to each project. It can be a flat fee, a percentage of the budget using a sliding scale (negotiable), a la carte and so on.
Our pledge is, you’ll not find it cheaper anywhere in town than what HFO of Michigan can deliver it for, or we’ll beat that price. In return you’re in business with individuals and a prodco. with a solid track record for making solid motion pictures for a reasonable price - on time and on the dime.
Getting into business with a company whose experience is evidenced and documented will be mutually beneficial in this highly specialized market place. It makes perfect sense.

A production services agreement is negotiated, prepared and executed triggering a pre-determined deposit that is required in advance. An agreed upon cash flow is maintained and the entire agreed upon budget figure amount being deposited prior to principal with out fail. Also important is that any cost overage (aka breakage) will be disclosed and must be signed off on by all parties in advance.

Visa and MasterCard accepted – Discover, AmEx and PayPal too!

While negotiable, HFO of Michigan requests standard main titles credit and billing block/paid ads as one of the ‘producers’ of record, and standard end credits as Production Services provided by: Hollywood Film Office of Michigan.
We’ve every interest is seeing y(our) films succeed.

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