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Stated Agenda
Hollywood Film Office of Michigan and the following services presented herein are designed with care to assist the independent filmmaker in achieving the finest effort possible at an affordable cost. HFO of Michigan will play a large role in promoting filmmaking here, in Michigan - and will reach out to invite domestic and foreign productions to shoot here – we’re available. HFO of Michigan is about making movies move, about the experience, facilitating business and enjoying the process. Please feel free to concentrate on the creative – HFO of Michigan, we’ve got the rest!
Production Management and Staff
An established local crew base of highly trained technicians and expert artisans are ready to breakdown and execute the needs of your project right now. Hollywood Film Office of Michigan offers full and partial per-project management and accounting, budgets, boards & breakdowns, locations, transportation services and more. Our staff bondable Producer and DGA UPM/1AD provides seamless support. No matter how much or how little - some, most, all – we’ve got you covered with whatever your production needs – we’re all over it. Overall, Hollywood Film Office of Michigan is the go-to source for some of the highest experienced, most professional production personnel in the business.
Budgeting, Script Breakdown & Shooting Schedule
Complete budgeting, script breakdown and scheduling services available for all types and sizes and all genres of projects anywhere in the world. Expertly detailed, industry standard production budget, shooting schedule and formatted lined & locked script properly produced. * Free quote for first time filmmakers * Limited, one time only offer for a free schedule w/ purchase of budget ($1500-$3000 savings!) one per person/company. Quick turn-around – rush services available. info@hollywoodfilmoffice.org
Production Office
Indie producers, directors, writers who need Detroit production office space - your search is over - tell us what you need and for how long. HFO of Michigan will get back to you ASAP with availability and a 'good for 30-day' quote based on availability. Short term, long term - 1 office or 20 - we'll hook you up: info@hollywoodfilmoffice.org

Location Scouting Recce (aka Free Lunch)
Need a location – send us your detailed description, and we will send it out to regional film offices for a statewide search. If you’re ready to scout we’re ready to show you. You won’t be sorry -and- first lunch is on HFO of Michigan!
Casting of principal and background atmosphere actors is manageable. BONUS: casting offices available on the lot at Hollywood Film Office of Michigan's office for utmost convenience. Ask us about casting space by the hour…very convenient!.
Professional and Experienced Crew Base
Our greatest resource is the people, the individuals that operate and maintain the discipline of Michigan's professional work ethic. You can find the equipment anywhere in the world – but finding the trained personnel is not so easy – and we’re here to help! Feel comfortable with HFO of Michigan Heads of Departments, or bring your own, they will receive a hero’s welcome. HFO employs world class film experts with practical experience using the latest technological advances in camera, recording, lighting, computers and so much more – greatly benefiting y(our) success in producing a quality motion picture for the domestic and international marketplace.
Equipment and Facilities
It’s all here and there and everywhere. Stages, G&E, Cameras, cranes, dolly, rail, insert camera car, Steadicam, expendables, catering and much - much more. Our relationships with the local rental houses and studios are established and respected allowing us the advantage of getting the best prices in town. Bottom line, we will get any equipment you want whenever you need it, at the last price.
Dressing & Props
Our partnership with local studios affords us considerable dressing and prop discounts. Including weapons and webbing and what not. In addition, we have long standing relationships with a wide variety of experienced art directors and propmasters. Modern and future and period and everything else in-between. All genres.
Considerable costumes are readily available for rental and lease: hat, shoes and accoutrements. A real treat if your next costume drama has a call for costumes of the finest design. Modern and future, period and everything else in-between. All genres.
Our indie-friendly approach to filmmaking is easily translatable to “student-friendly” since most student films are not bank rolled by studios, by nature Independent student films qualify too.
Post Production
Hollywood Film Office of Michigan can finish. Our post production supervision can take the pressure off the delivery of your project. From the assembly cut, director’s cut to final cut and picture lock we can provide management services. We offer editors, cutting rooms and assistants using on-line and off-line editing services. Don’t forget to bring your VSFX for servicing too. 2D, 3D, Special effects, Opticals, Animation, all.
Production Insurance & Completion Bond & Legal
The Hollywood Film Office of Michigan is able to offer amazing studio pricing on production insurance to independent film makers. The only place in town where your indie film can realize a significant savings of up to *** 40% ***on your entire insurance cost! Just ask us how. In addition, for many projects, HFO of Michigan can prepare and process the standard agreements between prodco. and players, crew, locations, releases, and such. Not having to fully engage a production insurance and legal can dramatically reduce the estimated final cost of your indie film project substantially.
Another benefit that Hollywood Film Office of Michigan can facilitate is a full-blown behind-the-scenes package to present for DVD enhancement. From interviews to on-set production coverage – and other filmmaking related items. Details available.
VIP Travel
Our red-carpet is out and our hands-on support will arrange travel, VIP airport service, visas, accommodation, office space, communication and all logistics during the project’s stay in Michigan. Group discounts available.
HFO of Michigan Affiliates
Global Affiliated Production Service Company
RSVP – Philippines

Want to be affiliated w/ HFO of Michigan? We’re looking for global partners.
Email for details: info@hollywoodfilmoffice.org

Coffee spills on your script a drag….?
Tired of competing with music to be heard
Hollywood Film Office of Michigan
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no parking nightmares?

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Consider using HFO of Michigan as your temporary meeting place
come on over and chat us up - we’re indie-friendly.

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