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Locations, Sets, Stages and Logistics
Our locations department is ready to find the locations your project needs and post them in your own personal projects page for password access. locations@hollywoodfilmoffice.org
Shooting Michigan's practical locations vary from forests to beaches and deserts, to modern buildings and urban environments. Cheat-it for France or Germany or San Francisco or Washington D.C., London or NYC and on and on. The climate, the backdrop and ability to have a myriad of ‘looks’ is what makes Michigan the best place in the world to make movies. Michigan with HFO of Michigan is monumentally easier, much more convenient - and affordable. Another brilliant aspect of HFO of Michigan and our affiliation with local studios is the ability to provide immediate production services on Re-Shoots, Pick-Ups, Inserts, Additional Photography, Action Units, Second Units - plenty of room to shoot, we're standing by!

Rodger Grossman
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What We Do Is Secret
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What We Do Is Secret
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