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  • Michigan has the most aggressive film incentives in the country and HFO of Michigan will help take full advantage of these savings which include, but are not limited to:
    • 40%-42% rebate on Michigan expenses when the production spends at least $50,000 in the state
    • A 40%-42% credit for Michigan resident crew and 30% non-resident crew
    • Free use of state properties for filming
  • HFO of Michigan offers certain discounts up to 15% or more on goods and services realized from long standing relationships and cost offsets designed to directly benefit the indie filmmaker
  • Highly competitive equipment and facilities market allowing for strict fair market prices and can be even further negotiated, depending on availability
  • Made in USA!
  • Free - Crew Gifts no charge with every full and completed project (some restrictions apply)

Rodger Grossman
Featured Crew
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Shane West
Featured Cast
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What We Do Is Secret
Featured Movie
What We Do Is Secret
A biopic of punk legend... > more
Music Within
The True Story Of Richard Pimentel... > more
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