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Q: What is the Hollywood Film Office of Michigan?
Hollywood Film Office of Michigan is an independent production office that services independent films productions in Michigan. It's a one-stop shop that offers independent filmmakers a cost-effective, time-saving, and bond-approved production infrastructure at very low costs. In addition, we are working with the city and state to encourage and maintain film production locally.
Q: What can I do with the Hollywood Film Office of Michigan?
Hollywood Film Office of Michigan provides independent production services that you can use to produce movies, television, web content, commercials, music videos and more...
Q: What are the incentives for independent films shooting in Michigan?
Michigan is on the verge of passing the most aggressive film tax incentives in the country making it one of the most affordable places to shoot a film. The Hollywood Film Office of Michigan will help your production take full advantage of these incentives as well as offer the highest quality service at the best price.
Q: How does the HFO of Michigan production services work?
From any level of your film-making experience, budget to screen, we can step in and offer services in as small or as large a capacity as you need. Consider us a one-stop shop. For example, you need to re-shoot but you’ve already wrapped your primary shoot months ago. HFO of Michigan can organize your shoot for much less than if you had to start from scratch. Our crew-member database gets quality people on set in a matter of days. Our staff will see you through the production from start to finish.
Q: How much does it cost?
HFO of Michigan prides itself on bargain-basement pricing and employs a vendor volume discount that is superior to any other alternative production team.
Q: Can you help me make my script into a movie?
Yes, we are experts at well-crafted independent films!
Q: How much do you charge for a budget and board?
$500-$5000, negotiable based on budget and script.
Q: What is the turn around time?
One week to 10 days – rush service available
Q: Do you raise money or finance films?
Not our highest priority, but based on the project and attachments we would consider case by case.
Q: May I submit a script?
Yes, please click over to our script submission form here. Please set-up w/ links
Q: Do you distribute movies?
Q: Do you rent equipment?
Yes on a limited basis. Please contact us for details.
Q: What are your office hours?
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Q: How do I advertise on your website?
Yes. Please contact us for further details – info@hollywoodfilmoffice.org
Q: I'm not in the US; can I use the Hollywood Film Office of Michigan?
Yes, Anyone can use the Hollywood Film Office of Michigan we’re here to help facilitate international productions as well as distant location domestic and local – one call does it all…

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