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The Hollywood Film Office of MichiganTeam is populated with independent film specialists and experts positioning HFO of Michigan as one of the best domestic and international film production service companies in the world. Our professionalism and quality service is above par and ahead of the curve. Fully informed on all facets of indie filmmaking, HFO of Michigan maintains relationships with Michigan cast, crew and vendors to the mutual benefit of all involved, it‘s how we roll…ing
Your project will receive careful and complete consideration during the entire process and be given a full standard accountable finish and delivery. Our main objective is to manage the nuts and bolts of the shoot so you can concentrate on the creative. No matter what you need or where you need it, you can count on HFO of Michigan to get it done. Flying in!

Bruce Wayne Gillies
Director / Producer / Executive Producer

Filmmaker and Director’s Guild of America member Bruce Wayne Gillies has served successfully as a Producer on numerous Hollywood independent feature films and network television programs. A seasoned filmmaker, he’s been creating, writing, producing, directing, and working on motion picture productions for more than twenty years. Bruce’s location filmmaking experience is well traveled; with work divided between Hollywood, across the US into Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Southern Asia and the Pacific Rim. Gillies’ diversified background includes feature film directing as well as music videos and short films that he also wrote, produced and edited. He has also written several features, shorts and television treatments all slated for production.
Favorite filmmakers; Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, DW Griffith, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Fredico Fellini, David Lynch, Joel & Ethan Coen, Terry Gilliam, Rob Reiner, John Hughes, John Ford, David Fincher, Howard Hawks, Billy Wilder, George Lucas, Sidney Lumet.
Bruce Wayne Gillies grew up near Detroit, Michigan and now resides with his wife and children in Hollywood CA.

David Richardson
Associate Producer

Lending a nice balance of entrepreneurial skills and creative visions, David has been with the company since the beginning. A writer, with a background in film development; he is passionate about his work and making quality independent movies. His experience, both on and off set, makes him a valuable asset to the growing HFO team.

Mimi Gillies
Production Executive

Mimi Gillies began her international career in the Philippines on the British produced SAIGON BABY starring John Hurt. Since then, Gillies has been building her spotless track record of production management and accounting for motion pictures.
Her logistics and numbers training are second to none – familiar with distant location shoots, she can, and is counted upon to move and can run a motion picture production office like it’s nobody’s business.

Rodger Grossman
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