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Positioning HFO of Michigan as one best international film production service companies has us engaging some of the top filmmaking professionals in the business.

Bruce Wayne Gillies

Commuter Confidential (2008) - Producer
Columbus Day (2008) - line producer
Trucker (2008) - line producer
What We Do Is Secret (2007) - line producer
Music Within (2007) - line producer
Bachelor Party Vegas (2006) - line producer
Orangelove (2006) - line producer
Standing Still (2005) - line producer
Sexual Life (2005) - line producer
A Sea Apart (2004) - line producer
Baadasssss! (2003) - line producer
Devil's Pond (2003) - line producer
Love Object (2003) - line producer
Cock & Bull Story (2003) - line producer
Warrior Angels (2002) - producer
The Street King (2002) - line producer
Endangered Species (2002) - producer
Perfect Fit (1999) - associate producer
The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997) TV series - line producer
Car Trouble, Darlin' (1994) - producer
Frank & Jesse (1994) - line producer

Mimi Gillies
Production Executive

Standing Still Production Manager
Devil's Pond Production Manager 2nd Unit
Love Object Production Manger
Warrior Angels Production Manger
Endangered Species Production Manger
Cock & Bull Story Production Controller
The New Adventures of Robin Hood - 2nd Unit 1AD

David Richardson
Associate Producer

Commuter Confidential (2008) - Production Manager

Rodger Grossman
Featured Crew
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Shane West
Featured Cast
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Featured Vendor
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What We Do Is Secret
Featured Movie
What We Do Is Secret
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Music Within
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